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Teachers and educators

Explore our collection of free resources! You’ll find inspiration and practical ideas for making food and nutrition come alive in the classroom. Everything has been designed by Registered Dietitians in collaboration with teachers and educators in Saskatchewan.

Elementary Kindergarten to Grade 3

Explore and discover food with young learners using fun, experiential nutrition resources.

Teachers and educators

Elementary Grades 4-6

Our resources for grades 4-6 are aimed to grow students’ understanding of food with engaging nutrition education resources.

Teachers and educators

Elementary Grades 7-8

Spark thought-provoking conversations and practical skill development with food and nutrition resources.

Teachers and educators

High School Grades 9-12

Enhance critical thinking, cooking skills, and food and nutrition knowledge with fun, cross-curricular resources.

Teachers and educators

Early Learning

Follow children’s interests and nurture a positive relationship with food using our resources.

Teachers and educators